This holiday: hangout with nature!

Last time I went to Pokhara  and it was a wonderful time I spent with my friends there. Now it has again been time to visit some new place with my friends as I haven’t met them since our last visit. Me along with my friends were looking for a short escape for a one night out program and we were looking for a place with nature friendly. At the same time one of my friends suggested many different places like Nuwakot, Balthali, Chitlang, Dhulikhel etc for  visit. But I wasn’t ready to visit those places as it was old enough and visited many times. 

Days  were passing and we were planning for the weekends. It was already the 4th day of the week.On the fourth day we all gathered in a small tea shop and we  finally fixed the place to be visited. Place was known as Tistung, one of my friends just went through some web search and  he found this place. The place was new to us and it was a new virgin destination of the time too. 

Actually our friend Sandip was attracted to the place as well as to the resort where we’re gonna  stay. The name of the resort is Om Adhyay Retreat Resort, we also looked at other hotels for the comparison and searched for the budgeted one too but however we managed to stay at the same resort. 

How to make a reservation ? 

Doing reservation wasn’t a big deal to us. As we have been travelling many places and know the reservation procedure. If anyone is planning to stay at this resort then you can take the reservation by Email, Phone call, Online Booking and Facebook bookings. We would suggest you phone call will be more easier and clear for reservations. 

We made the reservation at a resort for 5 people, but there was one problem with transportations, at first we had planned to go by  bike but there were only 2 bikes and we were five so we needed to look after some other options to reach upto resort. We call at the resort office if they could manage any vehicle services to our group.  We  were lucky enough that every Friday resort has its own shuttle services for their guests and we get even more excited  and feel relief as everything was managed by resort.

Visiting Day Adhyay Resort! 

Before going, I had a quick research about this place and the resort  services facilities they provided. I was quite impressed with the pictures and the package program which they had posted on their facebook page. I was really expecting the trip to be good. The day came when we all were gathering at Ravibhawan  Chowk, one day before the trip a lady had phoned my friend and gave the pick up and drop details as per details we were supposed to gather in front of Ravibhawan Chowk near Mathura building. We did the same and reached at sharp 1:30 PM there was a  bus standing. We were the first guests to reach there, other guests were  coming too bus left around 2 PM after all guests arrived. 

How was the trip ? 

I think it was the best trip till the date on the bus. Bus was full of guests, all the guests were cheering and singing and making fun of each other. It was a movement I felt that we Nepali are really jolly people. Driver dai took the bus route from Naubise road, the road was quite good for a ride. We didn’t feel the road was so bumpy or damaged. That day was so wonderful and sunny that we got a chance to see the beautiful mountain ranges during the trip. We also enjoyed the Sun set view from place name Dame Chaur where the bus stopped for a five minutes break. We capture some movements on our camera and move on. 

Finally we reached the resort after a three hours drive, we were so tired and hungry. We checked into the resort and a cold breeze of Tistung welcomed us and the humble staff of resort too. Our room was on a top from where an amazing view of the resort as well as all greenery and beauty of Tistung village and farming can be enjoyed. That was a piece of a cake to us by nature. We get fresh and get to the business !

Guess what was the business ? 

We all were very excited and hungry. We got a quick fresh up and  moved towards the restaurant to fill our empty tummy. We were welcomed by a waiter. He was so cheerful and hospitable he showed us our table and place to have welcome drinks (It was free). Wow a good black coffee free that was amazing. I was unknown about the package program but later on my friend said that he had booked a package program for One Night One Day, and everything will be on package he said. Really I said Drinks too ? Haha but sorry that wasn’t. So, we need to purchase our own drinks. We had our snacks, it was mouth watering, served hot and tasty. Don’t forget to try Tistung special aloo fry when you visit this place, it will hit your taste buds. 

Ahh it’s time to disco now. After having our snacks we went to the dance floor, DJ music was on and we enjoyed the music and dance floor. As the night was getting darker and darker, the resort was getting lighter and lighter. The lightning was so amazing and looked so beautiful at the resort. We had our meal. We went to sleep late that night. It  was a memorable night for us. 

Second day at Resort!

I woke up early but my friends were still in bed. We had a long night. It was also hard for me to wake up early but I managed to wake up as I was there to enjoy wonderful morning views and to capture some beautiful scenes with my camera. Morning views were so nostalgic the first ray of sun hit the resort, the resort surrounding gets lightened up with new energy and happiness. Crystal-like dew drops and fog started twinkling one by one as sun rays passed  through them. You will see lands and fields start to glow and views get more clear. Resort also looks so pretty with its historic and modern architecture at the day times. Everythings at this resort for me was like a short dream full of surprises. 

As the sun started hitting the sky people started to wake up and get ready for breakfast. My friends get woken up too. We had our breakfast. Before breakfast we played some sports like Badminton, Volleyball and T.T. After a long time I had played volleyball. It was a good memory too. We were just discussing together after having our breakfast, one of the staff came and he asked us if we were interested in Hiking, then we could join in and get ready for hike. Hike sounds interesting but one of our friends was feeling tired and he said he won’t join the hike, we can carry on. At last we four only plan to go for a hike.

Nature friendly hikings at Adhyay ! 

After a quick notice by resort staff, within ten minutes there were 40-50 people to join hikings. There was a young guide carrying a whistle on his hand and calling his last call for the rest of the guests. And hiking started. It was a short hike for two hours only. Hiking started with steep hills and sloppy land and then some smooth roads, we went through pear garden, Gopali Village and Bajrabarahi Temple.Guide explained some facts and shared his knowledge about those places, he narrated really beautifully as the place was. He also said it is his birthplace too. That time i felt, i wish i could do the same things going to my village too. 

I also get a chance to take some great nature pictures of the places. We again captured some good memories with our camera and moved towards the resort for our lunch. 

It’s time to leave Adhyay Retreat ! 

We came back to the resort after hiking. One of our friends was waiting for us. Lunch was ready too so we packed our lodges and moved for lunch. Lunch was amazing. It was so tasty with local taste of vegetables and gundruk ko achar. We were served Kulekhni fish dish on our lunch. It was so mouth watering that I still remember its taste on my mouth buds.

We had a great meal, now it was time to clear our bills. We went to the reception and cleared the bills and thanked the lady at reception for being nice with us and for giving us such good hospitality  and promised for the next visit too. We moved ahead towards parking and got inside the bus. We were tired but still willing to stay one more night there. People inside the bus were gossiping and talking about their trip and we started the same and soon the bus left adhyay. 

After a twenty minutes driving bus stopped near kulekhani markhu, we were returning to Kathmandu via pharping road so we had a stop at kulekhani for boating and it was the final activities of our package. All the guests inside the bus got out of the bus and went for boating, one more exciting thing was added to the trip. Me and my friends went boating. We had nearly 30 minutes boating at Kulekhani Dam.  

Beauty of Kulekhani ?

It’s Nepal’s first Man made lake. Which was dug for the production of electricity in Nepal. But now it has become one of the famous tourist destinations near by Kathmandu. One can easily reach here within two hours driving distance from KTM. It’s 360 degree view and the village near by lake has added more beauty. We can explore some part of the lake by boating. 

Back to Kathmandu.

We end up with all the things now. Our bus moved ahead towards Kathmandu from kulekhani around 4 PM. We were dropped at the same place from where we were picked up. We reached Kathmandu  near 6 PM. 

It was a really memorable trip of my entire life. Where I had enjoyed so much in such a short trip. In my personal experience I would request that if you’re reading this blog it’s worth visiting this place and resort please go for it. 

Thank you!

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