“Multi days trekking in Tistung”

It’s a dream of everyone to explore your own country. Only few people can fulfill their dreams to visit many places in life. Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Nepal is rich in its traditions and culture and highly gifted by nature. It’s one of the Living gardens In the world. These all factors have helped Nepal to be the attraction part of the whole world. As many outside visitors and tourists visit here to explore the natural beauty of our country. Many tourism activities and programs have been launched in Nepal. One of the most popular and adventurous which has been practiced in Nepal is Trekking. It’s mostly famous and practiced in himilayan region and hilly region of Nepal at high altitude areas. 

Trekking is a form of walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery. It usually takes place on trails in areas of relatively unspoiled wilderness. There are many different trek routes which are famous in Nepal like Langtang Trekking, ABC Trek, EBC Trek, Gosainkunda Trek, Rara Trek, Khaptad Trek etc also nowadays trekking like cultural trek in village area and different cultural programs has also come into the practice. Ghalegaun Trek, Bandipur Trek etc are some of its examples of such cultural and historical Trek.

Tistung as a  New Trekking Destination ?

Tistung is a village which carries multi cultural values and importance at current modern times. At the time where our culture and traditions are in vanishing stage this place has really contributed to saving this all. It is a new virgin destination for the tourist which carries its values from the gopals and lichhavi dynasty. It also carries different agricultural values and benefits to kathmandu people providing local vegetables and food supplies.

It is a beautiful destination situated at 2000 m above sea level, with clear views to the most spectacular outlook on the Himalayas of the whole Nepal from Dhaulagiri range to Mount Everest. There is a place named Mulabari from where long range telescopes 360 degree Himalayas view can be enjoyed. Tistung trek is an exciting trek near Kathmandu valley that offers you with fascinating mountain panorama, natural wilderness, and entire culture and religion of inhabitants.

Tistung Trekking can be a next destination for every tourist to see the panorama view of different mountains and landscapes of tistung valley. In this trek you get more chances to know closely of local peoples, their culture and tradition as well as its surrounding. You can also capture the memorable view of totally out of your mind landscapes structures. The best season for trekking this place all year round.You can also easily reach daman, kulekhani and chitlang within one hour drive from tistung bazar. Tistung is a great place to enjoy mountain ranges and landscapes. walking though the most remote village and difficult places is the real way to see them is on foot. For some people the trekking may be an end in itself, for others it is a means to enjoy the magnificent panoramas and often the peoples of the mountains and hills with their culture, traditions and religions provide an equal interest to the scenery.Tistung lies between Chitlang and Daman due to its benefit that we can plan for two night three days trekking and they also enjoy multiple destinations visits at the same time. 

How can we Trek?

Firstly trekking can be started from Chandragiri Hills going through chitlang and kulekhani on the first day visit night stay can be great at Tistung valley. There are different small and big lodges, resorts and hotels which are in operation for the tourist. If anyone looks for the  renowned well facilitated place with modern facilities resorts at this place then  Adhyay Retreat Resort  can be the best place to stay. 

Resting Place Tistung….

On the way to tistung you pass through gopali,thakuri and newari villages and also visit Bajrabarahi Temple. Trekking around this route you can see profound cultivated Tistung and Palung Valley which is known as the garden of Kathmandu. They grow like spring vegetables, mustard, rice and millet fields, small orchards trickling streams and peaceful villages of clay plaster brick and stone houses. Also modern kiwi framing and local winery production has added more extra factors to this place. Staying one night at this  beautiful place would be the best option to feel the local tistung cultural taste.

Moving ahead from Tistung, on the second trek start from Tistung for  Daman. It will take around 4 hours to reach Daman from tistung. Daman is a hill station famous for sunrise and sunset of the magnificent view of Himalaya’s ranges against the enormity of the sky. It has always been one of the best destinations for forigner and domestic tourists. 

Daman trekking trail winds throughout crazy quilt valleys, opaque forests and past icy waterfalls. Daman valley offers you with beautiful cultural and natural places that offer you with fascinating sightseeing places around. Commencing Daman hike is a stunning trek offering you to experience the culture and explore the natural sightseeing area. This place is well facilitated for the fooding and lodging for outside visitors hotel and resort with economic to high ranges are available. The best thing about this place is the food, food is really tastier in this place.

This way the trek starting from Chandragiri to Daman can end up. We can promote this trek for new trekkers who are looking for the close look for the and nearby trail for the short visits.

Overview of Trek : 

Trek Name :  Chandragiri, Chitlang, Kulehnai, Tistung  and Daman Trek

Tour Area : Makwanpur District-Nepal

Tour Grade : Easy 

Suitable For : Everyone

Tour Durations : 2Night 3Days

Tour Type : Hiking and Trekking

Price : On Request

Best Season :  All Year Round 

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