Places of attraction

The places you must visit at least once in your life time. Experiencing the inner unseen Nepal, its beauty, culture and tradition.

  • Bajra Barahi temple  – Its an old historic temple of Goddess Bajrabarahi. It denotes Hinduism and its importance to hindu people. This temple is situated at the down part of the jungle where a small river flows side by side. During the morning and evening time local villagers come for the puja and vahakals. Oftenly outside visitors do visit here for the pujas too. On every three years on the 1st baisakh purnima a great jatra is held, Which gives more significance to the people about this temple.

  • Unamatteshowr Mahadev temple – Unamatteshiwr Mahadev temple is an historic temple of Lord Shiva. It’s believed that Lord Shiva’s wife Satidevi’s left leg knee fell into this place when she was carried by lord shiva on his back and the temple was formed. From the same day people started worshiping the place as lord shiva temple. Mostly hindu people came for puja at this temple. Different cultural ceremonies like Bartabanda, Marriage, Pujas etc are also done at this temple.

  • Risheshower temple – The Risheshwor Temple is situated on the altitude of 2584 metres between Shimbhanjyang and Daman on the Northern side of Makwanpur District.The temple was established during the medieval period, although the present structure is of a later construction. This temple is worshipped by both Hindus and Buddhists. Hindus consider the deity to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva, while Buddhists believe he is a manifestation of Padmasambhava. It’s a real example of uniformity between two cultures.

  • Kulekhani reservoir (dam) – Kulekhani Dam is  Nepal’s first man made dam / reservoir which lies in Makwanpur district of Narayani Zone, Nepal. It was established in 1982. The purpose of the dam is to produce hydroelectric power for Kathmandu valley and Hetauda area people. Dam has played a very important role in electricity productions. Construction and architecture is so huge that a great lake view of the dam can be enjoyed really beautifully and eye pleasing from dam sides. Nowadays domestic tourism has highly attracted to this place for  boating, sightseeing, taste Local fish, Picnic spot etc

  • Markhu – Markhu is a village name near the kulekhani dam. It’s a place at the end of Kulekhani dam. Where people with settlements can be seen. Also this place is famous for the picnic spot, Boating and sightseeings. It’s only 5 km from the resort, it can be easily reached within a 15-20 mins drive.

  • Chitlang Goat Cheese – If you have heard about the cheeses then you must know that  different varieties of cheese are available in the market. Goat cheese is also one of the most nutritious and tasty cheese which is being consumed. Chitlang is famous for various things but one of the factors is the goat cheese factory also. It’s Nepal’s first goat cheese factory established ever. We can easily visit this place within 5kms away from Adhyay.

  • Tistung Deurali – Tistung Deurali used to be a famous highway stop during the operation of Nepal first highway Tribhuvan highway. There was only one road access to the Kathmandu and Terai Region. But due to alternative roadways was established and the place got only known among the people living there. It’s one of the best hiking trails upto tistung deurali. Good combination of newari gopali houses and the trace land will make you feel so good. Cold breeze from the deurali and the views looks so amazing.

  • Palung Valley –  Palung is an ancient market place in makwanpur district. If  you feel really bored then you can visit the market, get some grocery hangout with some locals and enjoy sightseeing around.

  • Daman –  Daman is one beautiful tourist attraction in Makwanpur district. It is famous for its greatest views of the Himalayas, extending from Dhaulagiri in the west to Mount Everest in the east. We can easily reach from Tistung to Daman within a 30 mins drive.
  • Sim Bhanjyang – Simbhanjayang is a high mountain  pass which is 2488m above from sea level. It’s the highest point after daman. From when we can enjoy beautiful mountain ranges during the month of Poush Magh people do enjoy snowfall at this place.
  • Mulabari – Mulabari is a long grassland. Which is really good for sightseeing, hiking and to enjoy mountain ranges.
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