School / College Outing at Tistung

Tistung – is around 2.5 – 3 hours drive from Kathmandu, 65KM in distance. It is a perfect place to take school and college students for outing or tour. The weather here is cool almost 12 months a year, the place is far from the city – so close to nature. Someone can enjoy the open clean blue sky and fresh air. 

School / college retreat / picnic / workshop / Orientation packages at Tistung

Adhyay Retreat Resort offers the following several packages to meet your school / college retreat needs.


1Night/ 2Day Package


  • Day 1
    • Welcome drinks
    • Lunch
    • Activities (Team Building games, sightseeing, horse riding)
    • Visit Tistung Botanical Garden (Optional)
    • Visit Daman Botanical Garden (Optional)
    • Evening Khaja/ Snacks
    • Campfire
    • Music/ Dance
    • Dinner
    • Night stay  (Room or Tent Share Basis)
  • Day 2
    • Breakfast
    • Activities (Badminton, TT, Snooker, Volleyball, Yoga, Short hike to Tourism Village)/ Or your own program.
    • Lunch
    • Activities (boating in Kulekhani and sightseeing Markhu, Bhede farm) / Optional
    • Checkout


Detailed itineraries:

(Note: the time mentioned here is just for your rough ideas/calculation)

  • Gather at School / college 6 AM. Briefing about the excursion, what  to learn / expect etc (6:15)
  • Departure(6:30) AM (Route: Kathmandu, Naubise, Tribhuwan Highway – Tistung)
  • Stop at Naubise for tea break 8:00 AM (your own expense)
  • 9 AM Stop at a few places on  the way and explain them about the nature, climate, districts borders, locals and more… Mountain views etc.
  • 10: 30 AM, Stop at the Tistung Deurali, Visit Tistung Botanical Garden, study of the plants, trees and conserved forests near Tistung/ Palung and Daman – optional.
  • 11 AM: Reach to Tistung (Adhyay Retreat Resort)
  • Welcome Drinks at arrival (Juice)
  • Refreshment / Lunch at the resort 11:30 AM
  • 12 PM Briefing about Tistung, its historic importance etc. Briefing about accommodation, activities timing etc by Resort Staff at amphitheatre.
  • Activities (volleyball, badminton, TT, snooker, team building games). 1:00 – 1:30 PM
  • Your activities / team building games / orientation / seminars etc.
  • 5PM Khaja / Snacks
  • Campfire/ Music and dances
  • 8PM – Dinner
  • 9:00 PM – Watch documentary / movie at the Amphitheater or Hall
  • Get to Bed/ Night stay 10 :00 PM (Tent Accommodation) or dance continues till late night.  




  • Wake up and wash 5:30 AM


    • 6 AM Tea/ Biscuits
    • 6:30 – 8:15 AM, Yoga sessions or physical Exercises/ Gaming etc.
    • Breakfast, 8 : 30 AM
    • Village Tour 9:00 – 11:00 AM / Visit Historical Newari Village (Kunchal) and Bajrabarahi Mandir.


  • Back to the Resort, refresh and have Lunch @ 11:30 AM.
  • Pack up and Refreshment 12:30 PM


  • Reach at Kulekhani @ 1:00 PM.
  • Visiting Kulekhani, learn about the first and large Man made lake (hydro electricity  project of Nepal), Bhedefarm – Nepal first goat/sheep breeding farm, Markhu and surrounding etc. Sightseeing
    • Jholunge pul
    • Boating at Kulekhani (Optional)
    • Bhede farm (splendid farm view – a famous movies shooting spot/ A part of Chitlang)
  • Return to kathmandu from kulekhani 3 PM
  • Arrival at School at 6 PM

Benefits of the program for Students:

  • Break from studies
  • Visit a new place / location and learn about it
  • Explore the new ways of learning / Ensures Peace of Mind
  • Improves Social and Communication Skills
  • Gets you Real-life Education
  • Creates Memories for Lifetime
  • Learn about geography, locals, lifestyles
  • Learn about culture, heritage, religion
  • Team bonding / team building exercises
  • Learn about hydro electricity production / storage and distribution cycle
  • Learn about plants / botanical gardens.
  • Learn about domestic tourism

We’d like to motivate your students to send In this program and help them to explore new ways of life learning.


Food and refreshment items (details)

  • Welcome drink (Juice / tea)


Day 1: Lunch (Buffet)

  • Plain (or pulau) rice
  • Dal fry
  • Locally grown – seasonal mix vegetable curry
  • Locally grown – organic green saag curry
  • Achar(tomato), locally made gundruk or gaaleko
  • Green Salad


Day 1: Evening snacks/ Khaja :

  • Veg Pakora or Bread Pakora or Furundana
  • Veg Curry
  • Tea and Juice
  • Fruits (Banana or Apples)

Day 1: Dinner (Buffet)

  • Plain (or pulau) rice
  • Dal fry
  • Locally grown – seasonal mix vegetable curry
  • Locally grown – organic green saag curry
  • Achar(tomato), locally made gundruk or gaaleko
  • Butter Chicken Curry  
  • Butter Paneer or Mushroom curry for Veg
  • Green Salad

Day 2: Breakfast

  • Plain toast with Butter, Jam
  • Boiled egg  / Omlet.
  • Brown hash potatoes
  • Juice / Tea

Day 2: Lunch

  • Plain (or pulau) rice
  • Dal fry
  • Locally grown – seasonal mix vegetable curry
  • Locally grown – organic green saag curry
  • Achar(tomato), locally made gundruk or gaaleko
  • Green Salad

NOTE : 2 Lunch are Veg and 1 Dinner Is Non-Veg


> High quality sound systems with mixers are available.

> Projector with high speed WiFi available

> Guitar, Madal, Cajon, Tambourine are available

> Mics are available for singing etc.

> An indoor discotheque is available


Possible Activities:

> Hiking – hiking to Mulabari, a beautiful hill nearby. It will take around 4-5 hours for total hike. You’ll experience jungle, hills, villages – a typical hiking experience. When you reach at the top of the hill, you’ll see breathtaking

wide range of mountains in a good sunny day, from Dhaulagiri in the west to Mt. Everest in the east, sunrise or sunset views (depending upon the time).  Or you can hike around the nearby smaller hills and villages for a few hours.


> Boating – boating in Kulekhani is exciting and fun. You can go to Kulekhani for boating and also visit beautiful and popular places for sightseeing (Markhu, Vedi farm/goth, chitlang etc).


> Games – you can spend hours playing sports here. We’ve badminton, volleyball, TT, snooker etc.


> Team building – you can stay within the resort premises and do a lot of team building activities indoor and outdoor.


> Learning activities: Visit to Tistung botanical garden, Visit to Daman botanical garden, spend a few hours with locals in the farms and do agriculture related activities.


> Orientation / Seminar / Workshop


> Others


✓ Chitlang / Bhedefarm visit

✓ Daman visit

✓ Long / shot hiking

✓ Tourism Ancient village tour

✓ Spend time with locals and farmers at the farm

✓ Kiwi farms visit

✓ Historic durbar of Tistung and Chitlang visit



Weekdays price (Sun – Thu)

Rs. 3000/person

(Only if the team size is more than 50)

(Price is excluding 13% VAT)


Weekend price (Fri-Sat):

Rs. 3500/person

(Only if the team size is more than 50)

(Price is excluding  13% VAT)



3 – full meals (2 lunch/ 1 dinner), 1 – breakfast, 1 – evening snacks, tea/juice, boating fees, night stay on share basis,

all activities (hiking,sightseeing with guide)


Transportation Options:

Black plate bus: 1 Night 2 Days

Suitable for max 30-35 pax.

Kathmandu to Resort

Night stay at Resort

Next day, Kulekhani visit, Resort to Kathmandu

Price: Rs.18,000/-Only | 15% extra for AC



We can adjust the duration of stay, foods, activities to fit you budget and make a custom package too!


Foods and Drinks
Outside foods and drinks are not allowed.


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