Love hiking? Tistung might be your next destination

Hiking is really familiar to everyone nowadays in city areas. Who doesn’t love to hangaround near to natural surroundings these days. In the past, during our grandparents time they were unknown about this sort of  thing like hiking or trekking like this. They used to have a farmer life walking in the fields, climbing high hills and collecting  firewood from forest, to collect grasses for cattles, doing work all in the field and raising food crops and cattle in the houses. Which was a really busy and healthier lifestyle. And they don’t need any physical exercise and workout as they stay fit by regular basis works. 

But the practice has been drastically changed on human behaviour. People are reliable to modern technologies and facilities. People started working only staying at office and doing official work. Due to which things like hike, trek, gym, workout etc started more to be practiced in city areas. By which people can make themselves physically fit and healthier.

Let’s talk about TISTUNG…….

Tistung is a small beautiful idle village of different races and castes people living together at the same place. Which is culturally, historically and naturally highly gifted. Tistung is also known as Tistung Deurali which means resting place in Nepali. Palung, Daman, and Simbhanjyan are some of the nearby destinations with Tistung. The gently sloping hills and the verdant fields are soothing to the senses while the traditionally designed houses impart a feeling of harmony to the mind. Added to this, the valley has pleasant weather all-year-round. There are other attributes too that makes Tistung an interesting place to visit. Like gopali village, bajrabarahi temple, unamateshowor temple etc. 

Gopali and gopali people are the most interesting charm of this area. As they are the real live examples which contribute to Goplai culture, art, traditions, norms and values. There are many who believe that the Gopalis were the earliest rulers of Nepal also it’s connected with the lord krishna ‘Gopali’ itself originated from ‘Gopal’, one of the names of Lord Krishna, who was a cowherd.

Tistung New Hiking Destination

It’s really good news to the hikers who have been searching for a new place to hike. Here is a new destination to be explored Tistung. It is near Chandragiri, Chitlang and Kulekhnai. You can enjoy a two to three hours best hiking experience in these areas. Local live style, people livelihood, Splendid Landscape, Steeply climbing mountain hairpin  bends road for cycling and biking, Cultural harmony, Live stock etc are some of the amazing attractions of this place.

There are some other places too from where you can hike or enjoy a wonderful view of the valley and mountain ranges at Tistung. Few hours walk from Tistung Bazar upto Mulabari through Jungle walk or cycling can be the best adventure for visitors. It’s a big grassy land from where you can enjoy the highest peak mountain ranges of Nepal from Dhaulagiri to Mount Everest. As well if you visit during Falgun and Chaitra Month you can enjoy the beauty of colorful Nepal’s National Flower Rhododendron all over the jungle. Also there  is another route for hiking from Tistung Deurali, it will also give you the amazing view of Goplai village and Jungle walk experience. Doesn’t it sound Interesting ? So, don’t think much your next hiking destination is waiting for hike lovers. 

Hiking Routes details : 

Route 1 : Chandragiri to Tistung ( Starting from Chandragiri Hill Stations)

  • Distance : 22 kms 
  • Walking Hours : 3.5 hours 
  • Difficulty : Moderate (Steep Hills, Grassland, Gravel  Roads)
  • Weather and Climate  : Moderate and cold wind breeze
  • Hiking Route : Chandragiri Hill top – Down walk Chitlang – Satdhara-Taukhel – Chanmaan  Barrack- Bajrabarahi Tistung

Route 2 : Chitlang to Tistung( Starting from Chitlang base point)

  • Distance : 17 kms 
  • Walking Hours : 2.5 hours 
  • Difficulty : Moderate (Steep Hills, Grassland, Gravel  Roads)
  • Weather and Climate  : Moderate and cold wind breeze
  • Hiking Route : Start from Chitlang – Ashok Chattya – Goat Cheese farm – Satdhara-Taukhel – Chanmaan  Barrack- Bajrabarahi Tistung

Route 3 : Tistung Bazar to Mulabari (Starting from Tistung Bazar )

  • Distance : 15 kms 
  • Walking Hours : 2 hours 
  • Difficulty Grade : Moderate (Steep Hills, Grassland, Jungle walk)
  • Weather and Climate  : Moderate and cold wind breeze
  • Hiking Route : Start from Bajrabarahi Bazar- Unamateshwor mandir – Bhautal Village-  Mulabari 

Some helpful Point : 

  • Nature and Habitations : Lies on the Subtropical region of Hilly Areas, Mostly plants and animals like Katus, Salla, Okhar, Wild Boar, kalij, Dove, Deer, Wild Cat etc are found in these areas.
  • What to Bring : Seasonal fruits, homemade food and 2 litres of water minimum, electrolytes (Jivanjal).
  • What to Wear : Flexible long trousers and t shirts, Sunblock, Sun glasses, Raincoat or Umbrella, hat or cap  etc other as per your need. 

Dos :- 

  • Before Start hiking have some light nutritious breakfast like egg, soaked or boiled chickpeas, Bread or Roti, Juice etc
  • Always wear light and comfortable clothes for hiking with a good quality  windcheater.
  • Prefer carrying home made food and drinking waters. 
  • Carry your waste yourself and keep the environment clean.
  • Take care of your personal belongings by yourself.
  • If you are bringing children then make sure they walk along with you.
  • Walk with your groups and stay communicating 
  • Use the maps for the route allocations if you have.

Don’ts : –

  • Never hike  consuming any alcoholic beverages. 
  • Always follow and walk with your friends on group
  • Never harm the natural and local things.

Pictures :

Enjoy hiking, love and preserve nature.

Thank you!

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