Boating in Kulekhani – a lifetime experience!

When it comes to water sports. Different types of games and activities can be done using the water resources. However there some of the list things which i prefer to do in water i.e Rafting, Fishing, Swimming, Kayaking and Boating. There are more other activities like shipping, Cliff Dive, Scuba Diving, Sea Safari etc these are also some good adventure activities which you can prefer whenever you get the chance. 

But one of my favorite activities which I enjoy doing all the time is boating. Boating is a really good and relaxing sport in which you can enjoy rowing the paddle in the water and flow with the speed which you want and enjoy the scenes. If you really want some good experience with boating then would prefer to have fishing too. While you boat you can have your own fishing rod and enjoy more extra hours with fishing. But all the water resources are not allowed for the fishings so don’t forget to ask or take permissions for fishings. 

My Recent Boating at Kulekhani ?

The Kulekhani Dam is a rock-fill dam on the Kulekhani River near Kulekhani.  Kulekhani also known as Indra Sarobar. It is Nepal’s first man made dam in Makwanpur  District of Narayani Zone Nepal.  The primary purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power generation, however the dam has also posed the natural beauty and unique scenario which have attracted many of the internal tourism inside the country throughout the year. The View from the top of the Dam side is surprising and steals our heart on the first sight of Kulekhani Lake. Kulekhani Lake/Dam is alternative or is like second fewa taal for Kathmandu and Hetauda people.  

It’s only 44.5 km from hetauda which tooks only 1.5 hours to 2 hours to drive upto kulekhani dam.  And 46.8 km via Kathmandu and it also takes only 2 hours to drive. There are other alternative ways to reach kulekhani too. We can also reach via Chandragiri or chitlang or from Naubise too. But Chitlang way is under construction these days and Naubise route is a bit longer. So, these days mostly people visit via Balkhu – Pharping – Fakhel – Kulekhani route. I had also prefered route of pharping. It seems good enough to ride a bike, cars and buses. Road is gravelled in some places but most of the roads are pitched.

What a Experience…….

Our first stop was at the Border of Makwanpur and Kathmandu district. This place is also named as humane. There were some small tea shops and hotels providing local khaja. It will be a good short break after an hour of riding. You can also enjoy 360 views of different nearby villages and left out pharping valley on back. We continued moving ahead after riding around one and half hours, we reached place name Kalani, don’t get confused about the place name as it’s not similar to kathmandu kalanki. We saw many other domestic visitors passing  throughout the way and we made our second stop at Kalanki. We kept our bikes nearby and moved ahead to the Dam side to enjoy the views from the view tower, but we couldn’t see any view tower to see the  views but there was a good enough place near the hill to enjoy the views. 

As we reached the hill the view got so amazing that we just forgot all the way long `drive upto there. A long and wide lake with a beautiful scene was waiting for us. We captured some pics from our mobile and we saw there was a twin rope hanging on the middle of the lake too, as it was not in operation. We asked a local about the rope and we knew that it was a means of transportations to carry out the food products from hetauda, when there was no road access. 

After sitting for 30 minutes we moved from there towards Markhu side which was our destination. We finally reached Markhu bazar from where  the lakeside view of divine kulekhani can be seen. We got down to the edge for the boat, one of my friends went for the boat ticket. We got 6 tickets for the boat and our turn came when we got inside the boat. And the majhi dai started rowing the boat slowly and slowly, a  cold silent breeze of the wind was hitting us. One of my friends was playing Ukulele (Small guitar) and we joined the song together, the movement was out of the world, we all were so refreshed and feeling happy to capture those movements together. We rode a boat for nearly one hours and  we came to the edge of the lake again. We entered into a small hotel to have some snacks. Best snack of kulekhani was Kulekhani Fish fry so, don’t forget to take a taste of it. We also tried other local varieties of food too and all food was delicious and mouth watering. We took a short walk near the Markhu area and visited Jholunge pool too. After spending a couple of hours there we moved back to our hometown Kathmandu.

However this was a short trip but we enjoyed almost everything within a day. And on our next visit we had planned to visit Vede Farm, Tistung and Chitlang too staying at one of the good resorts or hotels nearby. 

About Markhu :Markhu is a small town at the northwestern shores of Indrasarovar and also one of the best hiking routes in the loop. Markhu is about 30 mins drive from Kulekhani Dam and about 7 km from the Kulekhani Dam. A small village above the Kulekhani Dam where Newars, Tamang, Magar, Bahun and different castes of people are living together. Markhu is one of the major attractions of this loop trip since after the Kulekhani Dam this is the first proper settlement we can find and also some proper hotel and lodge if we are looking for night stay.

Boating at Kulekhani : Boating is another major attraction in Markhu where Rs.150 per head is charged for half an hour boat ride and rate increase adding more hour for ride. You can try different varieties of boat for the rides too, depending upon your voice and costing. They available boats like rafting  boats, paddle boats, wooden boats, kayak etc

Hotels and Resorts Nearby ? 

  • Simlag Lake Side Hotel 
  • Om Adhyay Retreat Resort
  • Mushroom Resort 
  • Chitlang Organic Village Resort

Nearby Destination to visit from Kulekhani 

  • Vede Farm
  • Jholongepool
  • Chitlang 
  • Tistung 

Hope! you find the content helpful don’t stop exploring and loving your own country places.

Thank you!

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